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Certosa del Galluzzo, 16″x 20″ canvas
Duomo, Back to Borgo Pinti, 20″x 16″, canvas
Do you want a large image of your travel photos, house or family photos enhanced by an artist on a canvas?

These mixed media paintings are based on my travel and and vintage family photos. I created many works successfully and exhibited them in galleries. Now I accept custom commissions.

I only need your photo (which will be returned to you) to begin. The photo can be horizontal or vertical. I will copy parts of your photo in black and white and enhance parts with paint. I welcome your initial input about memories of the place, favorite area of the photo, etc. The price is based on the size of the canvas. The canvases are finished on the sides ( about 1 inch deep) so that framing is optional. It will be delivered wired and ready to hang.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you make a larger size painting?
A: Yes, I will work on any size you wish. The price is based on the cost/ size of the canvas.
Q: Can my painting be on a deeper canvas?
A: Yes, The difference in cost will be the additional cost of the canvas. The smaller profile is easier to frame.
I will be posting more of my mixed media paintings both to sell and to give you an idea what I can do with your image.

Please contact me using the form on my contact page for further information.

© Karen Love Cooler      All works are for sale. Please contact me using the form on my contact page for further information.

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