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Use- reuse- cut waste!

My new venture in art…

In this year of Environmental Crisis, I came up with a plan for “use- reuse- cut waste’ and make it applicable to our day to day life. Here you have a unique opportunity to get handmade bags exclusively designed by me.

I am selling these handmade silk screen tote bags.

The bags are reversible and have a silkscreen image designed by me on one side. They are roomy and are meant to substitute for a disposable grocery bag. They are also good as an all-around tote. My daughter appropriated my first bag and it is now going all around Manhattan with her. I want you to love your bag (actually bags- most people end up with more than one) so much that you don’t even think about using a disposable bag.

I have always wanted to learn silkscreen printing. It is relatively low-tech, I can use inks friendly to the environment and to me. The designs are anything that I can draw or paint and the process can show “my hand”. I like the idea of placing my art on everyday objects. I also plan to incorporate my silkscreen designs into my mixed media art work. Use- reuse- cut waste. I collect beautiful fabrics. These bags are mostly one of a kind. I am selling what you see. I can make a bag based on color preference and can print in any color ink.

Please contact me using the form on my contact page for further information.

© Karen Love Cooler      All works are for sale. Please contact me using the form on my contact page for further information.

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