I interpret the world through my own lens, more or less focused. It is always fiction. I freely add, omit, or edit this reality. This journey is successful when the art work assumes a life of its own.

I have always been an artist, making art since I could hold a crayon, exhibiting professionally since 1995. I am a painter, sculptor, printmaker, photographer and mixed-media artist. My art is subject driven. As a classically trained artist, I am free to choose the medium to best express my thoughts.

Symbols of universal female myth have been an underlying theme throughout my work. I am also interested in stones and natural forms that are prehistoric. They contain the earth’s memory. I also create art based on my travels. This work helps me to remember and to share my favorite places, a souvenir.

My art works require contemplation…they reveal themselves slowly over time. Often the true subject is just below my conscious thought.

Art is my passion. I am living my dream. My intention is to create art that is long lasting. I use archival materials and techniques to optimize the life of the work.

Breathe in, breathe out, create art.